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17 Avenue de Tourville

75007 Paris

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NATUROPARIS • 2018 • Marc Le Quenven, Naturopathe à Paris


Before discovering naturopathy, and practicing as a Naturopath in Paris, I first led a course in consulting firms specializing in market finance.


I know perfectly the issues people can meet in their daily lives. I adapt my methods according to your rhythm of life and take into account the difficulties of each one.


Yes, we live in a big city, but we can put a lot of actions in place, especially around food and physical exercise, which for me are the 2 naturopathic techniques essential to restore health!  


Diplomas:  I am certified naturopathic health practitioner by the Superior Institute of Naturopathy (ISUPNAT), school approved by the French Federation of Naturopathy (FENA).


I am certified health educator naturopath by the Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education (OMNES).  


Graduated from the business school ESC Grenoble in 2003. I also lived many years in the United States and Brazil.  


Fluent in English, french and portuguese